Enjoy the Walk

Life is a journey to say the least. Many times I find myself turning molehills into mountains. I try to figure things out and worry about how I am going to handle it or what will would people say. Because my focus is on the problem. But when you want to turn mountains into molehills discuss it with the Lord first. Don’t let you focus be on the problem but on the Lord Jesus. Listen, don’t allow inconvenience, frustration and disappointment to shape your day! Trust in the One who made it all. Life is like walking up a mountain. It’s steep, slippery at times. You will meet things along the way that makes you want to turn around and go back. I want to encourage you to keep pressing on. Don’t look back and keep your eyes on Christ! Let you walk with Him be real and intimate. It will make your journey up the mountain worth it. The beauty at the top of a mountain is breathtaking! Enjoy the walk! Luke252.net

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