What does it mean to be born again? I know this is a term I have heard my whole life growing up in the church. It’s not just a remodeling job, performed somehow by us on ourselves. Today we hear so much about recycling, reconstruction, and reshaping. There has to be about 15 shows on TV that is all about remodeling a house! I should know, my wife watches every one of them.

Just think about the millions and millions of dollars spent every year on gym memberships, makeup, and beauty products. So many people hoping to reshape their faces or their bodies. Still others seek for a inner peace and renewal in drugs or alcohol. Man can not renew himself! The truth is, God created us, only God recreate us. Only God can give us the new birth that we so desperately want and need!

John 3:16 says this, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish , but have ever lasting life.” My life has been changed forever because of what Christ did for me on the cross! I have been made new! I am a new creation because of the cross and the empty tomb! I have been forgiven, and welcomed into the family of God, and given a new hope! I will spend all of my days forever and ever worshiping the King of kings. Amen!

This new birth, is the beginning of a whole new path in life under His control. Lives can be remarkably changed, marriages restored, neighborhoods changed because of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you have been searching your whole life to fill a void in your heart and to find a purpose for living. You have been trying to fill that void with success, money, or power but nothing seems to work. It has not brought you peace or happiness!

Man apart from God is spiritual dead. He needs to be born again. We need to be reconstructed and made new by the blood of Jesus Christ. Only by God’s grace and faith in Christ can this new birth take place! Have a great day and tell someone about what Christ has done in your life!!

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