Throw Down Your Staff

Life can be a battle, and there will be times when you fall. But in God’s Kingdom, failure is never final. We will not win every spiritual battle but the war has already been won! The victory was sealed 2000 years ago when Jesus overcame sin, and death! When we have a setback, don’t take a step back, because God is already preparing your comeback.

How many of you have ever heard of a man named Moses? Everybody has heard of Moses, even unbelievers knows about him. He was a great man of God that would lead Israel out of Egypt. In Exodus 2:11-15, instead of doing God’s will, God’s way. Moses took matters in his own hands and killed an Egyptian taskmaster.

Moses ran and hid on the backside of the desert in a place called Midian. Moses really messes things up pretty good. Have you ever been in Moses situation? You have messed up, made a mistake, and you sinned against God. Then you ran! You ran from God and you wanted to get as far away from Him as you could. You found your own Midian.

To many people give up on their dream because they feel God has given up on them. No matter how many wrong turns or detours you may make, God’s grace is enough! Look at it this way, failure is the fertilizer that grows character.

Moses encountered God in chapter 3 of Exodus at the burning bush, and it changed his life forever! God revealed His plan to Moses that day and Moses said, “Who Am I?” Moses was thinking how can I do that? Look at what I have done. This great man of God made all kind of excuses, one after another. Does that sound familiar?

It’s not about who you are but it all about who He is! Exodus 4:1-3 says, “Moses answered, What if they don’t believe me or listen to me and say, “The Lord did not appear to you.” The the Lord said to him, “What’s in your hand?” “A staff,” he replied. The Lord said, ” Throw it on the ground.” God is say to many of us, “Throw down your staff.” We need to take our hands off the controls! Moses staff represented his identity and his security. God was asking Moses to let go of who he was and what he had. This was Moses all in moment!

What are you holding on to? What is holding you back? Lord, touch the hearts of your people this morning and speak to them in a way that only You can do! Have a blessed day!

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