Grab Your Oxgoad

Judges 3:31 says, “After Ehud came Shamgar son Anath, who struck down six hundred Philistines with an oxgoad. He too saved Israel.

One decision, one change, one risk, one idea! That’s all it takes! You don’t have to make 100 changes, but you have to be committed to one thing. One thing will change your life. This was all the press that Shamgar would ever get in scripture. One daring decision, that delivered the entire nation! One risk turned 15 minutes of fame into a model of courage that inspired a nation to fight back! One man refused to be ruled by unrighteousness. He had no army, and no artillery. All he had was an oxgoad, which was a long stick that prodded his animals.

If God is for you, who can stand against you? Courage doesn’t always wait for an perfect plan. Courage doesn’t always wait for the popular opinion. Courage only waits for one thing. A green light from God!

It committing yourself to be a part of the solution and having a heart for Christ. It about becoming the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Use what God has given you. “Your oxgoad” Make a Mark. Make a difference!

God bless and have a great Friday.

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