Never Disappointed

Is it Monday already? Wow, it is amazing how fast the weekends flies by! But what a blessing to hang out with family and friends! Let’s get started.

I am still hanging out in Luke 5:1-11. We have been talking about Peter, how he fished all night and caught nothing! That sound a lot like a few guys I know! He was tired and wore out but they still had to clean the nets, and that was no easy task. Then Jesus asked him for a very simple thing, get your boat and push out from the shore. Jesus wanted the crowd to be able to hear what he had to say. Peter not only heard what Jesus asked, he obeyed and the people were blessed by the words of Jesus. But Jesus had a second request for Peter. Push out into the deep and cast your nets. I know Peter had to be thinking, I am the fisherman and that is not a good idea. I just cleaned all my nets. But Peter obeyed, and because of his obedience he experienced a catch of a life time!

Can you imagine Peter’s amazement when he saw his boat full of fish? Can you see the excitement on his face and how he screamed to his buddies to bring another boat? He has never seen anything like this! When we obey God, we will never be disappointed! Jesus turned an empty boat into a boat full to overflowing with fish! Sometimes we are hesitate to obey because we fear the consequences. But we have to remember, that the same sovereign, omnipotent God who keeps your heart beating and the planets orbiting is more than able to handle the circumstances of our obedience. You can trust Him with that.

Our obedience also allows God to demonstrate His power in our lives! What if Peter would have said no to Jesus? He would have missed an awesome demonstration of Jesus divine power and an opportunity to grow his faith! Peter’s faith skyrocketed from this point on. His life was changed forever. Peter started by saying yes to a small request. Then each time God rewarded his obedience.

Obeying God always results in a deeper understanding of God’s amazing love and provision. And our lives will be changed forever! Peter left everything and followed Jesus. Trust and obey! There is no such thing as happiness apart from Jesus. Without a relationship with Christ, you will never have real contentment, peace, or joy.

He never disappoints! Love y’all!

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