Trust And Obey

Good morning! It has been one of those days already. I forgot to set my alarm last night and didn’t get up til 5:15 am. I am suppose to be walking out the door at 5:30! So you will get a really short devotion today!

God has given me a short phrase that is stuck in my head this morning. It is, “Trust and Obey.” The verse that comes to mind in Proverbs 3:5-6. Think about all the different times God asked the men and the women of the Bible to do something that didn’t make much sense. Guys like Noah, David, Moses, and so many more! They trusted God with all their heart. They heard the voice of God and they did what God told them to do! Not only were they blessed but they became a blessing to other people!

What has God put in your heart? Maybe you have been putting it off because it just doesn’t make sense to you. I want to encourage you this morning to cover it in prayer! Ask God to give you clarity, wisdom, and understanding. When He gives you that peace, then move forward! Be that blessing to other people.

Trust and obey! I hate I missed my time alone with God but that extra sleep sure did feel good! Love ya and may God bless you today. Please pray for my friends in Titusville, Florida! Turn Out Dorian!

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