Robert Sandy Parker

I wanted to honor a great man in my blog this morning. Robert Sandy Parker passed away this week after a long struggle with health issues. We will truly miss this great man of God, but because of his relationship with Christ, he is pain free and in the very presence of God! He is experiencing perfect peace this morning and is attended the greatest worship service that we could ever could imagine! Please pray for his family and friends, that the peace of God would fall on them and comfort them.

There are three things that come to mind when I think about Sandy Parker. The first thing that pops in my mind is, Sandy was a Warrior of God! He was tough and he never gave up! He fought and fought to his last breath. He was a warrior that loved to worship! Most people would miss church if they get the sniffles. I have a painted picture in my mind that I will never forget as long as I live. Sandy hadn’t been to church for a long while, but he was released so he could come back to church. That first Sunday back, he came with a mask across his face but you could still see his smile! When it came time to worship, he pulled that mask down and let it rip. Then a trickle of tears flowed down his cheeks. He was a man’s man and someone I respected greatly. He was a warrior!

The second thing about Sandy was he loved deeply. There is something special when you looked at Sandy and Shelly! They were a picture of true love and a great example of what marriage is all about. There was a man that loved his wife and Rebecca with all his heart. He was a man who would willingly lay down his life and do anything he could for his family. He was kind, loving, and thoughtful to everyone he meet. He loved deeply.

Last but not least, he had incredible faith! Through all the surgery’s, treatments, and all the suffering, his faith in God never wavered. His eyes were set on the Father and his hope was found in Jesus Christ! He stood strong, he finished his race, and he left God’s love on everything he touched. Sandy’s motto that belongs on a billboard was, “God Got This.” I will never forget those words and I will never forget Sandy Parker! I want to celebrate him this morning by smiling, worshiping, and encouraging others just like him! Lord, give me a heart like Sandy Parker! Please pray over this family peace and comfort. God bless.

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