Daddy’s Hands

How can I say thanks to the man who taught me so many things? To say I am grateful is a huge understatement and a debt I could never repay! When I think of my dad, I will always remember his hands. They were always ruff, calloused, and strong. Those were the hands that held me tight when I was a little boy. To this day, I can still see him drawing up a play in the palm of his hand as we played football in the front yard. How can I ever forget watching him build on to our house or closing in the garage to give us more space to live. He never asked for help, but it never stopped him from getting a job done. Those hands taught me discipline and how to be a man.

Watching my dad also taught me how to be a godly husband and a caring dad. I saw him sacrifice so many thing for the sake of his family and never blinked an eye! When you shook his hand, you knew he was a man’s man. But, there was always love in Daddy’s hands! Happy Father’s Day to my hero in life. Thank you for the great example you have given me to follow. God has given me a blue print to follow and it looks like you PaPa. You are the best. Never forget, you are so loved! God bless.

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