The 3 C’s

Matthew 4:19-20 says, “He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him.” Jesus was the greatest leader to ever grace this earth. He had a style of leadership that falls into 3 different areas. First, He was a leader with a clear mission. His primary purpose and motivation was to glorify His Heavenly Father. A mission is what you are to do as you fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Your mission keeps you on course. Jesus has an uncanny way of staying focused.

Second, Jesus was leader with consistent character. He lived out what He taught and believed. Character gives credibility to our purpose. Flowing from character is trust and respect, two vital traits as a leader. If you Heart is right, your character is right. I hate to make it so simple, but it is truth. The key to Christ character was purity of heart.

Third, He was a leader with a capable team. He knew with committed, gifted individuals around Him, He would reach the world. Jesus chose 12 men to serve with him. They were not perfect and never pretended to be, but they were open to growing and learning God’s ways. Jesus knew the value of relationships. He had a loving relationship with His Heavenly Father. Out of that relationship flowed a passionate love for those around Him.

I want to encourage you this morning to ask the Lord for a clear mission and give you a passion to pursue it. Be honest, hardworking, and courageous. There is always a temptation to compromise character just to get the job done. Be consistent in your character and don’t pretend to be something your not. Last but not least, I want to encourage you to surround yourself with godly men and women who love Jesus and other people. CLEAR MISSION, CONSISTENT CHARACTER, CAPABLE TEAM

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