Bring It

Devotion requires discipline. Discipline is the bridge between your goals and your outcome. Discipline is doing what you are called to do even when you don’t want to do them. What you ingest is what you digest! What are you taking in? I want to encourage you to go to God’s Word. Take it in and digest it. Consume His Word. What I do daily is who I become permanently! I don’t just want to talk about God’s Word, I want to be devoted to it. Most people stop when they tired, but discipline people stop when they are done! Sometimes I don’t feel like reading my Bible, but I am not done! I am tired but I am not done! What are you devoted to? God bless you!

Walk In Love

1 John 4:16 says, “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.” O how we need to let Christ’s life and love fill us, and overflow to others wherever we go. Yes, sometimes that means talking and sharing your faith, but often times it means loving and accepting people. It means enjoying life, because your joy and peace will make people wonder what is it about you that is different. Walk in Christ love today and enjoy life, and the world will stop and take notice. Happy 4th of July! America bless God!

What Kind Of Gift Are You?

John 17:24 Jesus says, “Father, I want them with me-these you have given me-so that they can see my glory.” Christ appreciates us because we are a gift to Him from the Father. Jesus knows that the Father gives only good gifts. Yes, we are imperfect, but Christ sees us in our ultimate completeness. Seeing the end from the beginning, He joyfully receives us. What kind of gift are we? Are we a reward or, perhaps a challenge? No. We are His bride!

Lord, forgive me for the inconsistency of my commitment to You. Grant me power that I might truly abide in You; grant me obedience that I might sustain Your abiding Word in me. With all that I am, I desire unbroken fellowship with You! Shape me and fit perfectly into your presence, that I might dwell in oneness with You. Francis Frangipane

You Don’t Have To Have An Appointment

Ephesians 2:8-9 says, “For it was by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, nor of works, lest anyone should boast.” May we never lose the wonder of His amazing grace! How many times did you hear the gospel before you received Jesus? Most people hear the gospel many times before they receive the Lord. That is grace! He doesn’t give up on wooing us to Himself. We all know, He is the God of second chances; and oftentimes a thousand chances. Some of us were saved at an early age, while others were saved later in life. Whether you are 5 or 85, it takes the same amount of grace to deliver us from sin!

Some Christians struggle understanding they have been saved by grace, but they still want to pay Him back with good works. Know this, God’s love for us flows from His character, not ours; it is not dependent on anything we have done or will do. In fact, if you do nothing to serve Him the rest of your days, He will not love you any less. You can’t do anything to make Him love any more. And you can’t do anything to make Him love you any less!

Sin cannot destroy you relationship with God, but it can surly damage your testimony and your fellowship with Him. I am overwhelmed this morning with His amazing grace! God’s Riches At Christ Expense. Enter His throne of grace this morning. Nobody checks you out. You don’t have to stand in line. You don’t even have to make an appointment! Just come and enjoy the presence of you Heavenly Father who show us grace every day. God bless you and your family today!